Writing an essay is not an easy task, especially when you do not have much experience, and you have to write an essay on a university level. A good essay must be about a specific subject and have a clear thesis statement related to that subject. The content of the essay usually contains supporting arguments and examples that help to persuade the reader in the author’s point of view. Before making a first draft, there are a number of things that should be done by a student. Sometimes writing an essay can be an overwhelming practice and students may forget about critical factors that influence their grade. There are several important factors you should keep in mind in order to write a good essay. Here are the five main factors you should consider when planning your essay.


The initial stage of writing an essay is conducting a desk research about the topic. A thorough investigation of the topic is needed in order to make your essay interesting and informative. It is advised to start with course notes, articles and books you are already familiar with. Afterwards, you can proceed searching on the Internet, libraries and academic databases. The selection of source materials sometimes can be very time consuming. To accelerate this process, select keywords that you are going to use to search for relevant materials. Do not spend time on source materials that have little match result. Also, consider the credibility and trustworthiness of the sources. It is advised to rely more on academic literature and avoid Internet blog articles. Referring to other sources will enrich your essay and will help you to better communicate your statement.


After you researched your topic, you will be analyzing the source materials and theories brought by different authors. Based on your findings, you will have to select arguments that will support your thesis statement and contribute to the purpose of the essay. While forming the arguments, remember that each argument should include two components: a claim and reasons supporting that claim. The source materials will help you to reason your claims; that is why you should always include scientific evidence and examples in your essay. When developing your reasoning, think of the weak and strong points of your statements. Ask yourself questions like “is the reasoning sufficient?”


The topic of the essay must be narrowed down and should consist of related subtopics. Brainstorming techniques can be very helpful in finding the core insight of the subject. You may involve other individuals to help you brainstorm on your ideas. People will bring fresh perspectives on your topic. Map out your ideas and related subjects to each other. Eventually, you will be able to find the main areas of the subject that you want to elaborate on in your essay.


After conducting research, analyzing and brainstorming on your essay topic and research findings, you will have a clear idea of what you want to write about. After that, it is time to develop a thesis statement that will guide and form the rest of the essay.  A thesis statement should incorporate the main message that you want to deliver to your audience.


Before making a first draft of your essay, think of an outline. It is important to consider requirements and limitations when constructing your essay. Keep to the basic structure of writing an essay: an introduction, body with paragraphs and a conclusion. Do not forget to give sufficient explanation and background information to your subject in the introduction. Think of a number of paragraphs you want to include as well as the arrangement of arguments and ideas. Start writing an essay by making an outline of the sections and paragraphs.


As you may notice, designing a good essay requires a lot of preliminary work and preparation. Sometimes due to the tight schedule and heavy study load, students omit these five crucial factors, when they start writing an essay. Very often it causes fails and study delays. Fortunately, sampleessay.net offers professional services in writing academic essays on any topic. Sometimes it is better to address professionals in the field. Sampleessay.net makes sure you score a high grade at college that will help you to remain on the right track.