Anthropology Essay Assessment Criteria

Writing an essay can be a rather complicated thing to do, especially if this is an anthropology one. When you start looking for information on this assignment, it is good to know the precise criteria your professor will use assessing your paper.

This article will demonstrate you the main principles of Anthropology essays evaluation. Keep them in mind every time you write this type of paper, and you will soon notice how quickly the quality of your essays increases.

Relevance: each piece of information that you write in your paper has to be connected to the research question. Avoid irrelevant information, as it decreases your scores.

Research: your essay must be based on the investigation done with the help of multiple sources. Look for them not only on the Internet. Analyze only the newest works. Don’t forget that all the sources have to be cited.

Provide your own opinion: even though you are allowed to use material from other authors (like direct quotations or in adjusted form), the main idea must be yours. If your essay contains no examples of your own thinking, the work will not be accepted. We understand that it is almost impossible for a student to invent some new method or approach. We do not expect that. The main purpose of this assignment is for you to learn how to generate your own opinion and support it with evidence.

Choose the right research strategy: you will have several options on how to develop your paper. For example, you may compare or contrast works of different authors. Choose the way that can give you valuable scientific results.

Structure: your essay has to be organized in a simple and logical manner. It will help you write it properly. Make a plan. It will help you put your thoughts in order and gradually introduce new evidence to your main statement. Remember to expand only one idea in one paragraph. This way you will make your essay clear and understandable. The general structure of your paper should be like this: introduction, discussion, conclusion and references.

Key terms: each specific term used in your essay must be explained. You may write its definition when it is mentioned for the first time, or create some sort of table with all the terms and their explanations.

Express your ideas properly: at the end of your essay, in the conclusion, give your ideas on future possibilities for the essay topic research. Your sentences should be short and complete. Do not write a long monologue. Make your statements simple and precise.