Italy: Milan Polytechnic University

Italy is a country with rich culture and ancient traditions that are rooted in the Renaissance. Get educated in the universities, which are filled with the spirit of such geniuses as Leonardo da Vinci, Giordano Bruno, Dante Alighieri, is a true honor. Today, Italy is a country where higher education …

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Feeling Better

Eating a lot of fruit is a key to a better well-being. Fresh juices like orange or grapefruit juice are essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. If you resist the temptation to order pizza and start cooking for yourself, you may find out that it saves time and …

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The techniques I use when I write my paper:

The first simple tool I use when I write my paper is planning. After reading the instructions that accompany the paper assignment. I take the time to come up with the idea that I will form the foundation of my discussion. When planning, I also come up with the chronology …

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The process I use when I write my paper:

The instructions that accompany the essay form the foundation of my successful Before I start to write my paper, I carefully read and internalize the instructions because I know that if I misinterpret the instructions, chances are, my paper will be off topic.