Anthropology Essay Assessment Criteria

Writing an essay can be a rather complicated thing to do, especially if this is an anthropology one. When you start looking for information on this assignment, it is good to know the precise criteria your professor will use assessing your paper.

What is SAT essay? Examples

SAT exam is a common practice that is widely used for college admissions in the United States. The SAT exam consists of several sections, and one of them is writing. The writing section is comprised of an essay assignment that students have to complete in 25 minutes. The SAT essay …

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What is a classification essay?

Classification essays are used for categorizing objects, people or ideas into specific groups according to the shared characteristics. A classification essay does not differ much from a regular essay as it still follows the same structure that consists of three main parts: an introduction, body and a conclusion. However, there …

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Useful information on essay writing

We all had to write essays at school, and most of us know what it should look like and what it should contain. However, essay writing on a university level requires slightly higher knowledge and skills than just simply writing a piece of text. Writing an essay on an academic …

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Essay Samples to Help You Out

Today we can meet a lot of services offering not only an essay writing from scratch, but a range of essay samples to follow while improving your skills. They are more efficient than essay guidelines or free templates. There is no secret the best way to learn something is to …

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