Essay Samples to Help You Out

Today we can meet a lot of services offering not only an essay writing from scratch, but a range of essay samples to follow while improving your skills. They are more efficient than essay guidelines or free templates. There is no secret the best way to learn something is to have particular examples. Professional writing services suggest free essay writing samples to help students succeed in this aspect of education. It is recommended to write at least few essays alone just to check the potential and knowledge of the language. Native speakers need less help than foreign students do. However, statistics shows that both fluent English speakers and non-speakers order roughly the same amount of custom essays online.

As far as many writing styles and formatting requirements make student’s head spin, academic writing websites offer a wide variety of sample essay outline format for free. It gets more comfortable to submit an outstanding essay thanks to such services.

Special programs like TOEFL, Michigan, SAT, GMAT, GRE demand distinct approaches to writing an application essay. If student is hesitating about any of these tests exact instructions, he can find TOEFL sample essay online.

Often, TOEFL essay and other parts of this test can be passed online. It makes the task much easier as far as a candidate is able to use some professional help and advices. However, the time limit is usually input, so there is no way to miss the deadline. In many cases, the applicant has only 15 minutes to prepare a well-structured and meaningful piece of writing, no longer than 500 words. These limits were input not only to check whether an applicant can cope with writing tasks that speedy, but to cut the size of the text intentionally. Wordiness is the greatest problem of all students. That’s a fact.

Even if a student feels like failing the fundamental part of any test, he still has a chance to survive by submitting an excellent article as each is a part of an overall score. Vice versa, a candidate can ruin his chances to be accepted by sending poor essay in comparison to the body of the test. For instance, TOEFL value every essay according to the formula: one essay point = fairly ten points toward total. On the whole, TOEFL counts the second part as about 1/6 of the total score. All of the admissions officers insists on the practice before passing the test, especially the writing part.

Because such tests possess the higher level of significance than ordinary essays, a student sharply needs to focus more on essay’s accuracy which includes grammar, spelling and punctuation. A student can be apologized for some small mistakes while writing an essay for some school subjects, but it doesn’t work with TOEFL and other serious tests.

Another essential advice is to develop typing or hand-writing speed. It is easy for all those candidates who used to deal with such areas as copywriting, content writing, journalism, etc. But for all those who belong to a more typical group of students, the thing is a complete nightmare. You have to think and print equally fast. TOEFL guarantees 30 minutes. In comparison to some other tests, it is more than enough to write a short essay. All a student has to include is a brief introduction (thesis), two body paragraphs supporting his reasoning or describing few life situations, and a place for a persuasive and memorizable conclusion.

The most frequently met topics (essay samples are available) are: “Reasons to enter this college/university”, “Whether the parents are first and best teachers”, “Compare knowledge gained from the books with life experience”, “What would you change about your home country?”, “How does social media influence our subconscious,” “Should employers suggest “jobs of life?”, “Is luck the same as success?”, “Should we ignore the past?”, “Are PC games destructive or helpful?”, “Your attitude towards love and friendship,” “Share your opinion regarding modern technologies and innovations appearance,” etc.

Concerning a topic to choose, TOEFL offers a list of suggested topics for free download from its official site. The only requirement is to install Acrobat reader before doing it. So, everything is done in favor of applicants. All is left to do is to develop writing skills and be yourself no matter what. The ground of any admissions essay is the author’s life story, no other people interest the commission.