Feeling Better


  1. Eating a lot of fruit is a key to a better well-being. Fresh juices like orange or grapefruit juice are essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. If you resist the temptation to order pizza and start cooking for yourself, you may find out that it saves time and is way more therapeutic.
  2. It may sound like an obvious solution, but spending half an hour breathing sends a stream of oxygen through your lungs and helps you reduce stress. Breathing techniques can be combined with meditation to reach zen, a relaxed state of mind that allows your thoughts to wander.
  3. Writing a dissertation or preparing for an exam, we rarely shell out time for ourselves. It is important that you take breaks in between the work, shorter and longer ones. If you’ve been scrawling for an hour already, put your pen aside and look out of the window. If you had a whole week full of stress and agitation, spend a day in the forest, communicating with nature.
  4. If you are living in a uni hall that doesn’t allow pets onboard (and most student residences don’t), it’s time you visit your family and friends. Studies prove that by simply patting a cat or a dog for a couple of minutes you reduce the stress level and stimulate the endorphin production.
  5. Some people say that sleep is the best medicine when it comes to dealing with stress, and we couldn’t agree more. Even a 20-minute nap does wonders. We all need our share of social media, and Facebook is not an exception. But if you find the courage to switch off those classical distractors and return to studies, productivity will escalate quickly.
  6. Try to learn from your mistakes. If you see that you are missing the deadlines on the regular, maybe it’s time to enroll in a time management course. You might not be able to make it this time, but it’s not that bad on the whole. There is always something positive and a lesson to be learnt in situations we consider to be a complete mess at first.
  7. Listen to classics or jazz and feel refreshed as the sounds of music take you to unknown heights. Laugh as much as you can to increase oxygen flow – that’s probably the best two tips we received on dealing with exam stress. It’s time students realize that life is not all about tests, and learn to take time and think things through.
  8. Don’t go looking for stress. Some people can’t live without drama, even if they’ve got an important exam ahead. Don’t go problem-hunting unless you are really determined to decrease your productivity. When you are talking to students who are nervous and are making everybody else feel the same, you are reducing your chances of successful performance. If you are, on the other hand, calm and positive, it will be easier for you to focus come the test time.