…Finally I Said: “Write my essay for me!”

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come to the States to study. Parents worked hard to get me here, and I’m very grateful for their efforts, support, love and double-shifts.

They even used to help me write my essay tasks when I was at school, but now being thousand miles away from my native town there’s no one to assist me with these copious amounts of written duties.

If you ask me, I’ll tell that I’m doing well in college. But I need someone to write my essay assignments because I’m a pretty lousy writer. I do great with learning stuff, giving oral answers, taking part in logic disputes, etc. Still, I’m a very, very poor academic writer. The truth is, as a non-native my essays and reports are less impressive than those of local students. I don’t blame anyone, English isn’t my native tongue, but to succeed I decided to find quality help that will raise me up to the ranks of the best students of my age.

I need someone to write my essay up to the mark fast

Can someone write my essay for me, please? That had been the first thing I did – asking fellow students for help. You’ll be amazed how many people eager to help there were, and even some girls offered their help too. But the result was worse than I expected. Students care about their papers in the first place, and only then they remember about the paper they promised to write for someone.

And I needed someone really skilled and talented to write my essay for me literally up to the mark. I tried many variants, and my quest wasn’t easy as I didn’t want to be blamed a cheater. So I took thinks on the delicate run and started to look for proper writing assistance online.

To write my essay, reviews of various hints and how-tos helped a lot. But to get at least B for every written assignment I turn in, a friend of mine (thank you a lot, Chris!) told to order a new paper from her favorite service. She told she used it a lot, so I chalked it up and started to check what is what there.

Since I need someone to write my essay really well, the idea of landing a professional academic writer turned out a smart move. So, I placed an order, and they guaranteed to write my essay for me from scratch. Original research and plot, native English language and correct referencing – those are the three cornerstones I counted on.

Adding the final touch of my own

As the service did great to help me write my essay, I still decided to play it safe. Lecturers and teachers are strict sometimes, so I figured out it would be a great idea to amend the final draft a bit on my own to make sure the work sounds like I did it myself. Took me nearly an hour to make all the things right and fetch one neatly done essay.

I called up Chris, asked her whether she ever did the same, and she told that she has never amended a paper ordered at an online service after she had received it done. Well, it’s her choice, and I accept it. I’m a non-native student, so erring on the side of safety is a sound approach. Was the customized essay worth the effort and money spent? Absolutely, now my academic performance is just as a expect it to be – excellent.