MacKeeper’s Memory Keeper helps to Optimize the Memory of Your Mac

Many Mac apps are resource-intensive, meaning that they consume lots of memory even if they are shut down. This problem can be solved in several ways:

  1. Get rid of the resource-intensive apps. You may not want to do it as these apps may be a must-have for work, study, or other important processes.
  2. Upgrade your Mac’s RAM (Random Access Memory). It would be rather time-consuming and expensive. We recommend doing it only as an extreme measure.
  3. Download and install a memory optimization app. The easiest and most preferable way.

Nowadays you can find dozens of Mac memory optimization apps. One of such apps is MemoryKeeper from MacKeeper, and it’s worth trying because of its simplicity and powerful functionality. Let’s see what it can offer in terms of memory control and optimization.

User Interface

The app seems to be very user-friendly. The main element of its interface is a speedometer where you can view how much memory can still be used on your Mac, and how much memory needs to be cleaned up. You can also see which apps are “eating” most memory, and read some general info about RAM.


Quick Cleanup

When you open the app for the first time, of course you’d want to see how it cleans memory. Besides, you may need urgent and instant memory optimization. It’s quite simple to do: just click the Clean Memory button, and the app will free up memory on your Mac. By the way, you can go to preferences to set the limit of free memory. Here you can also set the cleanup mode to either quick or full and schedule automatic cleanups.

Hint: if you have questions related to MemoryKeeper, click the “How It Works?” button In the main window of the application to watch a small tutorial about how to use the app.  And of course don’t forget about the customer support.


Automatic Cleanup

Use the Turn On Automatic Cleanup button to instruct MemoryKeeper to run auto cleanups of memory in the background mode. You can always find the app in the menu bar to make it active again.


So, why use MemoryKeeper? The answer is obvious: if you use resource-consuming apps, feel that your Mac has started running slow, and need a quick and easy solution.

If you still have some concerns go on and check MacKeeper customer ratings on the Trustpilot