What is a classification essay?

Classification essays are used for categorizing objects, people or ideas into specific groups according to the shared characteristics. A classification essay does not differ much from a regular essay as it still follows the same structure that consists of three main parts: an introduction, body and a conclusion. However, there are some particular factors that make an essay a classification one.

Classification essay attributes

Before starting to write a classification essay, you must clearly define your strategy and select a topic. When choosing a topic, remember that you will have to categorize objects or ideas related to this topic. It would be absolutely useless to write about a subject that is one of a kind. So, choose wisely. Do not leave out an important category. Sometimes, students go too deep in searching for categories and forget about the obvious.

The categorization method should be organized by a single principle. Once you choose the category groups you will organize your objects into, make sure they are performed by the same principle. Also, think of the way you will arrange your category groups. For example: start with the one you like the least and end with the one you like the most. The organization method can also be made by sizes, popularity or impact.

It is necessary to support each group with examples and evidences. The support arguments for each category group should be in the same amount. For instance, use the same number of examples and write the same quantity of text. The most important category, which also supports your thesis statement, should be the last one to be mentioned, because it requires more elaboration to support your point of view.

Structure of the classification essay

Although it was mentioned at the beginning of the article that a classification essay has the same structure as a regular essay, still it is important to mention some critical points related to this matter.

In the introduction part, make sure you include description of your topic and provide some background information to the subject. Give a short explanation about the objects you intend to categorize in your essay. At the end of the introduction part, mention your thesis statement where you suggest the purpose of your classification essay and mention the main classification approach used.

In the main part of the classification essay, divide category groups into paragraphs. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that identifies a particular category group. Include a detailed description of category groups and justify your point of view with supporting examples or evidence. Remember to use the same approach to each paragraph in order to write your essay in a clear and logical manner. It is also important to keep a coherent organization of the paragraphs in order to ensure a smooth transition. End your main part with the most critical category group, as it will be followed with more evaluation in the conclusion section.

In the consultation section, you may write about the most critical attributes of each category group in order to summarize the main points of the classification essay. You may select a category group that you like the most and evaluate on its strengths and weaknesses. In such way, you will conclude your classification essay with the optimal choice.

Review the essay

After you have completed writing your work, it is important to make sure you included the most necessary components. This checklist will help you to edit your final draft and revise your essay.

  • The subject of your essay is clearly identified as well as the purpose of the essay and classification methods in the introduction.
  • A thesis statement is present.
  • Every paragraph in the body section begins with a sentence that describes the content of the paragraph.
  • Examples or evidences adequately support each category group.
  • You implement a clear organization strategy for the body paragraphs.
  • The main text is bound and guides the reader.
  • In the last section, you have explained the usefulness of the categorizing and grouping, and you highlighted the best option.
  • Proofread the essay and eliminated any spelling or grammar mistakes.